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1617 Mission Avenue
Oceanside, CA, 92058
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To provide local military veterans the networking opportunities they need to excel in life after deployment, while also providing a unique training experience that can enable them to enter the workforce as stronger decision makers, more active leaders, and efficient problem solvers. 


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New Year, New Me, New Degree: Part III

Sallay Kim

Part Three:

Here we are at your final stage of starting your new resolution, the “how-to” part.  A lot of you may have been here before and not sure where to start but let me attempt to help you…

Well, did you know that the United States has 2,474 private and public 4-year institutions (UNI) and 1,666 2-year institutions (CC)?  In California alone, there are 264 4-year institutions (UNI) and a whopping 745 2-year institutions (CC) with 8 of them in San Diego County alone.  As you can see, there is a lot to choose from so you should be asking yourself about types of degree programs, location, cost, format (online or in person or even a combo), career opportunities post-graduation, etc.. then ask yourself, when should I get started? And if the answer is not NOW, then I did not do my job.  

It is all about the research and asking questions.  You may find a lot of your questions answered on school’s websites or by contacting their Admissions, Transfer, or Veteran’s Centers.  DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK QUESTIONS! In my book, there are no “stupid questions” and I am always pre-warned by students that they have a “stupid question”.  No, it is not stupid- it is my job to give you the answers you need to be successful.

Research financial opportunities like scholarships and financial aid.  Research different degree programs and what types of career paths fit with those specific degrees. Sometimes they may require a 2-year associates degree and some may require a 4-year bachelor degree.  Obviously, the higher the degree the more $$ you should make but that can depend on the type of job you go for. A lot of times you will be able to see starting and ending salaries with specific jobs and if that doesn’t put a fire under you, I am not sure what will! A little Google searching goes a long way!

If you are thinking about starting or going back to school, I know it can be a daunting feeling but try to see the end goal here. Degrees= ideal career paths and desired lifestyles. Remember there a many ways and opportunities to obtain your degree (at any level) and obtaining one could open up so many opportunities for you!  Just think, in 2-4 years’ time, you will be thinking about your 2019 resolution to go back to school and you will be creating a new one for the dream job you want because you now have met the requirements to HAVE that job. It is never too late to start living the life you dream of and having the education and career that fits it!